About The Book

Trying something new can be daunting and scary. All children at some point are nervous and wary. But Elizabeth is determined to find a hobby to love. To find new friends and a club to be part of. But not all friends have two legs, some of course have four. With hooves, a tail, and big brown eyes to adore. As a pony named Sara enters the stage. Will Elizabeth ever Find her Brave? The first story in the ‘Finding your Brave’ collection by Laura Bridle-Smith.

About the Author

Laura Bridle-Smith, author of Elizabeth Finds Her Brave, received her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from The University of Derby. A project management professional by trade, but a writer at heart. As a working mum of two, she is a competent multitasker who has written this collection of children’s stories between tantrums, sick bugs, covid enforced home-schooling and generally one or both children within two inches of her face. Laura realised that ultimately her children were going to have to learn how to handle their fears and uncertainties themselves so penned the Finding Your Brave Collection to help and teach them, but also to document their struggles and how they overcame them. When not writing, Laura enjoys exploring the outdoors with their dog Bronte. Spending time at the riding stables, drinking coffee and enjoying cake, as should all right thinking people.
Laura Bridle-Smith

Laura Bridle-Smith

Children's Author